Our Planes

The historic military aircraft used for our flyovers include:

Cessna T-37 “Tweet”

The T-37 was the primary US Air Force trainer for almost 50 years. This one is one, of two, in the US civilian registry.

TT1 Super Pinto

The Temco TT Pinto was proposed as the first jet- powered trainer aircraft for the U.S. Military. This tandem, two-place plane was built for the United States Navy by Temco Aircraft of Dallas

In the late 1960s, most of the existing Pintos were reconfigured with new engines that increased power by about three times. These aircraft, one of which is used by SAC, are as Super Pintos.

A-1 Sky Raider

The Douglas A-1 Sky Raider enjoyed an unusually long and successful career, seeing service from the  late 1940s all the way into the 1980s! This propellor-driven, single-seat attack aircraft was operated by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force; as well as the British Royal Navy, the French Air Force and others.

T28 Trojan

The North American T28 Trojan was developed in the late 1940’s to serve as the next generation, high-performance, advanced primary flight trainer for the United States military. The aircraft was used from 1949 until 1983 to train several generations of Navy, Marine, and Air Force pilots. It was also used by the US military and several foreign countries as a forward air controller and attack aircraft.