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Service Air Corps’ mission is to provide military-type flyovers for America’s fallen veterans in the North Texas area. Most of these memorial flyovers take place at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Veteran Cemetery.

Service Air Corps normally uses one, or two, military-type airplanes including our own Cessna T-37 multi-engine jet for the flyovers.

80,000 U.S. Air Force pilots earned their wings in the T-37 “Tweet” and our T-37 is one of only two flying in the U.S. today.

Service Air Corps charges $1,500 per flyover. The booking process stats with a non-refundable $350 deposit.

Service Air Corps’ flyovers generally cost several thousand dollars each. $1,500 does not cover the full cost of a high quality, military jet flyover. As a way to raise money to provide additional flyovers, Service Air Corps also sells rides in the T-37 jet and we support various air shows.

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